A bit about this page and myself.

Hello and thank you for visiting this sight.

As a sufferer of Coeliac Disease I found it incredibly hard to give up my hobby of homebrewing when I was diagnosed.

I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease a 12 years ago now, but before that I was an avid home brewer. I brewed everything from porters and stouts to lagers and bocs. I especially loved my oatmeal stout but alas I was diagnosed and couldn't drink beer anymore. So I searched high and low for gluten free beer and found O'Briens. It is nice and has gone from strength to strength and now can be found in most big chain bottle shops, but I still missed home brewing.

So experimentation and hard work (if you could call it that) have led me to come up with a range of beers made from a mix of grains (gluten free of course) and ordinary everyday items that can be bought from any supermarket (except the sorghum syrup). The results make me really happy so I've decided to put the recipes on this webpage. All of my recipes are slightly harder to make than 'kit & kilo' type homebrew and also require a little bit more time. But they are always evolving as I tweak them to get the best out of them. If you are going to try any of these recipes don't be afraid to change them to your liking as well.

The recipes on these pages presume that you have brewed beer before and have the correct brewing equipment. 


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